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BelugaXL #6 performs First Flight

The Airbus Beluga (known as Airbus Transport International) is a important transportation means for the Logistics of Airbus. They transport aircraft parts from numerous Airbus sites in Europe to the Final Assembly Lines in Hamburg or Toulouse. Since November 2016 this Project has documented all of the Airbus beluga Flights.

The Airbus BelugaXL is Airbus's answer to future Production Increases. Based on the Airbus A330, it allows to carry double the load than the traditional Airbus Belugas, for example 2 A350 Wings. It has a range of 4000km and a Maximum take-of weight (MTOW) of 227 tonnes. In total 6 BelugaXL will be built. Certification is expected by mid of 2019. You can track them all at once or individually below.

In 2022 Airbus announced a new subsidary Airbus Beluga Transport whoch focuses on Cargo Transport outside of Airbus's Transport needs and acts as a fully seperate Cargo Airline. In late 2023 existing Beluga ST Aircraft started to be moved over to the new company. Learn More

Beluga ST Profiles

BelugaXL Profiles

Beluga Airport Sites

The Beluga regularly flies to the following Airports:

Beluga Flights by Company

Airbus Beluga Family News

Below are the recent Airbus Beluga Family News and Highlights: