Digital Aviation Analytics & Consulting

We create tools and services that analyze Digital Aviation Data

Aviation.Flights create tools and services that analyze Digital Aviation Data. Our data is used by many Aviation Data Intelligence Platforms globally by Airlines, Lessors and other Travel related Companies to make multi-million ($) business decisions. We track both Airbus and Boeing Production Test Flights as well as Test Flights between second hand Deliveries. In addition, we also run Aviation Meteorology Projects to research new ways to visualize Weather data around Flight Operations.


AIB/BOE Family Flights

Originally only for Airbus it has now extended for Boeing as well. These sites create a digital Archive of Airbus and Boeing Test & Delivery Flights. They all come with specific community features such as Email Alerts, custom color coded Flight Activites, Spotter Logs and even flying the real-life flights on Flight Simulation.

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Experiments with Flight Tracker & Meteorology. The goal of FlightOpsLab is to create experiments with Flight Data & Meteorology and come up with new ideas for situational awareness in Flight Operations.

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