Digital Aviation Analytics & Consulting

We create tools and services that analyze Digital Aviation Data

Founded in 2020, Aviation.Flights is a Community Project that creates tools and services that analyze Digital Aviation Data. Our most popular Project is AIB Family Flights, which launched in early 2016 and keeps track of Airbus Test & Delivery Flight Activity. This is followed by BOE Family Flights, which tracks all Boeing Test & Delivery Flight Activities. In addition, we also run Aviation Meteorology Projects and are also in the "e-Sports" Gaming world creating tools to use real-life Flight Data from those Projects on Flight Simulation with virtualAIB and virtualBOE.

Community Projects

Family Flights

Originally only for Airbus it has now extended for Boeing as well. These sites create a digital Archive of Airbus and Boeing Test & Delivery Flights. They all come with specific community features such as email notification when a new Flight Activity is added on their Alert List, submitting their own Spotter Log or even re-creating the real-life flights on Flight Simulation.

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Experiments with Flight Tracker & Meteorology. The goal of FlightOpsLab is to create experiments with Flight Data & Meteorology and come up with new ideas to solve particular Problems.

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