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About Aviation.Flights

Welcome to a new world of Aviation Data. Aviation Flights is a crowdfunded aviation data analytics project.

Created by Mario Trunz, it initially started of him creating spreadsheets of the A320 Family Activity in Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW), where his dad used to work. Today the Project is a global leader in covering all of not only Airbus's Commercial line up, as well as Boeing, ATR, Embraer (and a few other ones) Test, Ferry and Delivery Flight Activity. The project has been a proven and reliable source for Aviation data by Airlines, Aircraft Manufacturers, Air Navigation Service Providers, the Global Aviation Community and much more.

Every Aircraft has its own profile, with beautiful full-width cover Photos thanks to the generous Aviation Community. Most Photos are being pulled in via the Flickr API, Videos are being pulled in via the Youtube API and none of the photos or videos are actually stored on this site. Everything is searchable, which allows you to customize dozens of Parameters so that you can find exatly what you are looking for. In-depth statistics gives an overview of all Flight and Delivery Activity for all Aircraft Manufacturers Aircraft Families.

You can also register for an Account and add Aircraft to your 'Watch' List, get notified when there is a new Flight Activity on any of your Aircraft on your Watch List or even fill out your own personal Log, perfect for Spotters.

You can find this Project on numerous Social Media sites: