ATR 42-600, Alpha Star, F-WWLJ, F-WKVG, HZ-A10 (MSN 859)

Aircraft Type
ATR 42-600
Engine Type
Test Registration
Production Site
🇫🇷 Toulouse, FR (LFBO/TLS)
Age of Aircraft
11 y 9 m (Oct 2012)
1 Total Flights

ATR Flight Activity

Flight ActivityAirlineRegistrationCallsignHEXDate & Time
Delivered on Contract Tble Spacer🇸🇦 Alpha StarHZ-A10--Jan 28 2013
First Flight Tble Spacer🇸🇦 Alpha StarF-WWLJ, F-WKVG--Oct 1

Post Delivery Flight History

No flights posted.

Special Livery

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