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Live Map

The Live Map will show all Test and Ferry Flight Activity and comes complete with weather layers such as Radar, Satellite, Lightning and additional aviation map backgrounds as well as Telemetry Flight Data Charts and automated METAR alerts for Departure & Arrival Airports. It also integrates deep with numerous others features on the site such as the abillity to see all global flights with special liveries etc.

Undelivered Aircraft

A unique feature that allows you to see all Undelivered Aircraft and where they are currently located/stored. Your choice of view grouped by Airport or Airline.

Additional information in the Finder

See additional information in the main search bar besides just Flight Activities, such as Airpots (with latest METAR), Airlines, News and much more. Oh and the finder is customizable in your account settings.

Full Statistics

You'll get access to full statitics per Aircraft manufacturer as well as on the Customer and Airport profiles pages with the ability to filter by Aircraft Type and/or Year.

Daily Flight Summary

View daily Flight Summaries grouped by Aircraft Type.


View all Flight Activity using the Calendar view.

Airport Weather

Browse and filter Airports by current Weather Conditions.

Recently added Photos

See a list of recently added Photos to the Aircraft profiles by Aircraft Type.

Activity Log

Browse a full list of recent changes made on the site such as Flight Activity, Aircraft information, Flight Information and Photo information.

Multi-Site Feature

All your rewards work automatically on any of the Aviation Flight sites.

* Although these upgrades use Patreon, for corporate users who don't allow Patreon we can also set something up via Paypal.