Below are some important rules & regulations if you want to participate in Virtual Aviation Flights:

  1. This is for Flight Simulation only. Keep in mind that Virtual Aviation Flights is a Virtual Organization and should only be used for Flight Simulation.
  2. Anybody can participate. But you need to adhere to the rules & regulations of any of the online Flight Simulation networks to register and fly with them.
  3. Be respectful to others. Like in any online community its required that you are respectful to and with each other. At the end of the day we are all here for the same goal: to have fun!
  4. You can fly offline and anonymously. You do not need to provide your Flight Simulation IDs. You can fly offline and do your own thing, in your own Aircraft, at your own time. However, if you wish to participate in online features then providing your Flight Simulation Network IDs will enhance your Virtual Aviation Flights experience.
  5. There are no Pilot Rankings or previous requirements to participate. Many Virtual Airline require you to have a certain status or number of flight hours on a given Network. Although its true that it makes the VA experience more realistic (you work yourself upward to become a Captain), there are no requirements at Virtual Aviation Flights.
  6. None of your Flight Simulation Network information gets stored. Other than you providing your Flight Simulation IDs for the sole purpose of retrieving your Flight History or Live Flight Position from the Flight Simulator, none of the data being retrieved based on those IDs is ever getting stored on our servers.
  7. Privacy & Terms of Use. Any Privacy or Terms of Use information is outlined on this sites Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. All of them are GDPR compliant.