Q: Do I need to fly online to participate in Virtual Aviation Flights?

A: No! The great thing is that you can do whatever you want in Flight Simulation. However, you will miss out on Online specific features such as being able to see your Flight on the LIVE map.

Q: How can my flight show up on the Live Map?

A: You can fly any flight as long as you use a callsign identifier listed below when flying Online Flight Simulation Networks. The following callsign identifier are supported:

Remember those are just callsign identifier. Your full callsign usually would be something like AIB123.

Q: Does Virtual Aviation Flights work on the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?

A: Yes it does! Most online Flight Simulation networks support Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Q: Is there a API?

A: Glad you asked. Our Map API allows you to interact with Virtual Planes or Virtual ATC from Online Flight Simulation Networks.