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Introducing Virtual Aviation Flights. Fly Test Flights on Flight Simulation

FlightSimExpo 2023

Interested in Flight Simulation? Why not visit the FlightSimExpo 2023. Held on June 23-25, 2023 at the Lone Star Flight Museum in Houston, Texas, the event is one of the world's largest dedicated flight simulation conferences and tradeshows and has welcomed more than 3,500 attendees to events in Las Vegas, Orlando, and San Diego since 2018.

FlightSimExpo 2023

Get Started

The goal with Virtual Aviation Flights is to simulate real-life Test & Delivery Flight Activity on Flight Simulation via multiple online Flight Simulation Networks. Its totally up to you which Aircraft you choose and where you want to fly and Virtual Aviation Flights supports over half a dozen Online Flight Simulation Networks:

VATSIM IVAO Infinite Flight SimToolKitPro Volanta PilotEdge POSCON FSCloud

The idea started in early March 2020 during the middle of the Coronavius (COVID-19) Pandemic in which millions of people were forced to be stuck at home. The purpose allowed Aviation enthusiasts to get into the Virtual World to fly their favorite Aircraft and still enjoy the world of Aviation from the comfort of their own homes.

How it Works

Its very easy to get started. When flying on online Flight Simulation Networks use a callsign identifer on your Flight associated with something like Airbus (AIB), Boeing (BOE), ATR (EVX), Embraer (EMB) etc (see full list of callsign identifier supported). That's it! By doing that your Flight will automatically show up on the LIVE Map.

To make things easier you can go to your Account settings and add your Online Flight Simulation Network IDs/Display Name. This will identify your Flight position on our Online Flight Simulation LIVE Map with a special darker icon showing you as a Virtual Aviation Flights Pilot. If you don't know what online Flight Simulation Networks like VATSIM or IVAO are, that's ok. You can always fly offline on any Flight Simulator to your hearts content.

And YES, Virtual Aviation Flights also works on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Flight Simulation Assocation

Flight Simulation Association

Aviation Flights is proud supporter of the Flight Simulation Association. Its one way how we give back to the Flight Sim Community.

Flight Simulation Association (FSA) is an association of flight simulation pilots, virtual air traffic controllers, and developers and content creators. By joining, members get access to exclusive product discounts, webinars, guides, and the ability to search for and find nearby simmers. Learn more and subscribe at!