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Flight Ops Message API

Access the latest Flight Ops Messages

Flight Ops Message API Documentation

This is the documentation to access the Flight Ops Message API. We have a group of volunteers who post special messages in relation to any of the Aircraft Manufacturers Test Flights. This could be flight schedules, weather, air traffic issues etc.

The API Platform is only available via a REST API, in which you have to let your application grab a URL with parameters and it returns all output in either JSON format. This makes it easy to grab the data using any Programming Language of your choice.

You will need your API key to access the API Platform. You can get a API key by becoming a "Become a Aviation Data Expert!" member on Patreon.

The root URL for the API is:


Required Parameters

The following parameters are all required:

The API key provided to you
Must be set to "true" to access the Flight Ops Message API
If left empty it will show Flight Ops Messages meant to show on all sites. Use the following identifier to only get Flight Ops Messages for specific sites:
  • aib: Airbus
  • boe: Boeing
  • atr: ATR
  • emb: Embraer
  • other: Other

Output Values for JSON

The following output values are returned after successful query:

The ID of the message
The title of the message
The body content of the message. Could contain HTML.
A list of ICAO airport codes involved in this message.
The maximum altitude this message is in effect for.
The minimum altitude this message is in effect for.
The Expiry date & time in UTC timezone.
A array of coordinates if this message applies to a geographic area.

Error Codes for JSON

The following are all error codes that can be returned with this function:

Error Message
No API key provided!
No API key has been provided.
API key invalid!
The API key is invalid.

Sample Output

    "status": "success",
    "results": [{
        "flight_ops_message": [{
            "flight_ops_message_id": "12",
			"title": "Flight Ops Messgae Title",
			"message": "Flight Ops Messgae Body",
			"airports": "CYYZ...CYUL...KDTW",
			"max_altitude": "34000",
			"min_altitude": "4000",
			"expiry_date": "Feb 9, 2023 23:35 UTC",
			"coordinates": [
				[48.55079626623113, -98.86472112237124],
				[46.39771492548868, -102.51218205987124],
				[44.84574326442325, -98.49118596612124],
				[46.533925177209085, -96.31589299737124],
				[48.55079626623113, -98.86472112237124]