ATR 72-600, Avianca, F-WWEE, HK-4954 (MSN 1092)

Aircraft Type
ATR 72-600
Engine Type
Test Registration
Production Site
🇫🇷 Toulouse, FR (LFBO/TLS)
Age of Aircraft
11 y 0 m (Jun 2013)
5 Total Flights 0 h 37 min Total Test Flight Hours

ATR Flight Activity

Flight ActivityAirlineRegistrationCallsignHEXDate & Time
Delivered on Contract Tble Spacer AviancaHK-4954--Jul 2 2013
First Flight Tble Spacer AviancaF-WWEE--Jun 11

Post Delivery Flight History

Below are Test, Ferry or Delivery Flights after Delivery from ATR Final Assembly. These flights could associated with airline transfers, return to lessor, paint, MRO etc. Seeing those flights in the main flight list across the site can be disabled in your Account settings.
MSNAircraft TypeFlight ActivityAirlineRegistrationCallsignHEXDate & Time
ATR 72-6001092ATR 72-600 Delivered ISO-MCO Silver AirwaysN708SVSIL9200A973EADeparted ISO Sep 12 2023 21:47 UTCOpen Aviation Data
ATR 72-6001092ATR 72-600 Test Flight ISO-ISO 🇺🇸 Jetstream Aviation CapitalN708SVN708A973EASep 12 2023 16:33-17:10 UTCOpen Aviation Data
ATR 72-6001092ATR 72-600 Ferried SBK-KEF-YVR-KBG-ISO 🇺🇸 Jetstream Aviation CapitalN708SVN708SVA973EADeparted SBK May 09 2023 08:36 UTCOpen Aviation Data
ATR 72-6001092ATR 72-600 Ferried ?-NAS-YHZ-YYR-RKV-SBK AviancaHK-4954AVA49240AC181May 18

Special Livery

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